When you go out, how often do you find you really connect with the people around you? How would the world be different if we did? What if you could go out to a social event where, beyond incredible music and effects, you got to create deeper connections with people and walk away with new awarenesses of yourself and this world? What if partying could be meaningful? This is the mission of Platform 0. It is a new type of social event – whereby through journeys in incredible music and audio-visual displays people are posed with potent questions of humanity and come to have a deeper, richer experience of themselves and community.

How do you walk? How do you run? How have you patterned your body for movement? Is it the most anatomically efficient and supportive way? What if you could re-train your body and learn how to incorporate and fire your muscles more optimally for maximum output? What if you could learn to re-activate muscle fibres which have been lying dormant, perhaps for years? How would your experience of life be different? In Platform 1 we use a series of scientifically engineered positions and transitions to re-activate, re-pattern and re-train the body for more efficient, powerful output. Students learn to cultivate deep levels of awareness and connection in the body, activating optimal support to enhance movement patterns. Through the practices in Platform 1 students experience greater stability, flexibility, coordination and strength in the body, while also learning how to incorporate their thought-processes and emotions to enhance physical performance.

Platform 2 looks at the relationship between our bodies and how we fuel them. Platform 2's nutritional products and practices offer a wide range of support for the body, drawing from a diverse background in medical, naturopathic and ayurveydic nutrition. Additionally Platform 2 looks at how we can more fully connect with our senses to have a deeper, richer experience of life and how we can optimize our sleeping and breathing patterns to maximize our experience of daily waking life.

Have you ever woken up with a headache and found you were in a grumpy mood all day? Wouldn't it be amazing if no matter what was going on in your physical body, you could choose the emotional state you wanted? This is what Platform 3 teaches. Students learn to develop a deep connection with their emotions and understand the mechanics of how their emotions work. Through this, students learn to understand self as the driver of the emotional mechanism and come to have a deep experience of self that is separate from both their emotions and their physical body.

Platform 4 builds upon Platform 3 in that, once students learn how to deeply connect with and master the emotional mechanism, they learn to expand their emotional bandwidth and develop greater fluidity transitioning from one emotional state to another. Emotions are the spice of life. They are what gives our lives richness and depth. Wouldn't it be amazing to discover you are cooking with a full spice rack and that you can choose whichever spice you want at any time? Platform 4 helps students develop this full emotional palette, along with the dexterity to fluidly transition from one emotional state to another at will.

Platform 5 marks the transition from the emotional realm to the thought realm. In this platform students learn to experience their thoughts as separate from their emotional states. Have you ever made a commitment to yourself - like waking up at 5am every morning to exercise - and you're doing fine with that commitment until one morning you just don't feel the motivation? Wouldn't it be great if you could uphold the commitments you make to yourself in those moments, regardless of your emotional state? How would your success rate be different? This is what Platform 5 teaches. Students learn to develop consistency in their thought processes to uphold themselves in life's most challenging moments - mind over body.

In Platform 6 students learn how to cultivate greater flexibility in their thought processes. Do you ever find yourself considering a problem from the same one or two angles; and coming up with the same one or two solutions? People who are excellent problem solvers have learned to evaluate from many different perspectives, often seeing solutions where others do not. What if you could learn to think more flexibly to see options where perhaps you didn't before? In Platform 6 students learn to become more flexible thinkers to generate greater possibility in their lives.

Platform 7 is the culmination of what exoeso is all about. In Platform 7, students learn to have a very deep experience of self, that is both separate from and the driver of the physical body, the emotions and the mind. What if no matter what was going on with your body, your emotions or your mind, you could have an experience of self that was unshakeable? How would your experience of life be different? This is what Platform 7 teaches. Students learn simple practices to cultivate an ever-deepening experience of self on a daily basis.